Unleash the power of your 3D models

Are you ready to share your work with the world? Generate links and share your 3D models - embed them in your articles and landing pages with a few simple steps.

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Our key solution features that will boost your product engagement with 3D on your website.


Embeddable 3D Viewer

Embed your 3D models on the web.


Shareable Links

Share your models quickly with a link.


Multiformat Support

Upload multiple 3D formats.

Real Estate

Optimised for Real-estate

Promote your project in 3D on the web.



Track the performance of your models.



Access from any device and browser.

Give a new dimension to your digital marketing with 3D

Take your website and online portfolio to the next level — share your 3D models with anyone with a few simple steps.

Get your models out there by Sharing and Embedding

Simply generate a url from the uploaded models and send it to anyone or embed your 3D models on your website, blog post, articles, anything that can hold an HTML.

  • Embed your 3D models anywhere on the web
  • Share your models quickly with a link
  • Upload multiple 3D formats

Provide to your clients an Immersive Experience

With Gecko all models are optimised for a better view experience. Make your designs accessible to the world and boost your reach and sales.

  • Optimise the rendering performance of your building automatically
  • Boost your e-Commerce and Real-estate reach
  • Access from any device and browser

Track your performance with Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics provide you with the viewing data to track the performance of your models. From the same model, create multiple links and embed codes to track them individually.

  • Track your model's views
  • Produce multiple scenes from one model (coming soon)
  • Create multiple links for each scene

All the collaboration tools you will ever need (coming soon)

Gecko 3DX aims to bring a complete series of collaboration tools that will help you optimise your workflow between you and your clients.

  • Communicate seamlessly with your clients
  • Collaborate using 3D comments and annotations
  • Message internally with other project members the in-app inbox

What our clients say

"Gecko 3DX has been an excellent platform for showcasing our projects. We focus on 3D and Laser Scanning of architectural projects and we use Gecko 3DX to communicate with our clients by sending them a link or simply embedding our work on our website"

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